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dr. john paul elton


dr. john paul elton

Harvard trained. Patient focused.


Specializing in foot and ankle injuries, Dr. JP Elton is a top Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon at the world-renowned Vail/Summit Orthopedics clinic in Vail, Colorado.

Dr. John Paul Elton believes that truly listening to his patients is the most important diagnostic tool at his disposal.

The Harvard-trained foot and ankle specialist knows from years of experience that “where it hurts” is not always the actual cause of the complaint.

Dr. Elton has the training, expertise, and skill to handle the full spectrum of foot and ankle disorders: from sports injuries and fractures to nerve and tendon disorders, deformities, and chronic pain.

If you are dealing with a foot and ankle injury and want to get back on top of your game, please reach out to Dr. Elton.

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Once I started asking around, I learned he is the ‘go-to’ guy for anything to do with feet and ankles. His humbleness and simplicity in explaining things comforted me.
— Brian
My son is now beginning outpatient physical therapy, and he is doing well. Your wonderful staff helped a traumatic experience be much less difficult because it was obvious that they really cared ... Our deepest appreciation!
— John G
Professional, skilled, courteous, and empathetic. All follow-up orthopedics, back home, saw his work and were duly impressed. I am now playing tennis again and getting ready to ski next year. Thank You, Dr. Elton!”
— Dennis S
Dr. Elton was fantastic. The doctor was very nice and extremely professional.
— Simon P.