5 Of The Top Sports Foot Injuries


Competitive sports is some of the most fun we can have. Whether you are out there pitting yourself against other top athletes on the way to glory, or just out there to get good exercise, the benefits of playing sports are well-documented indeed. 

But competitive sports are hard on the feet. And suffering foot injuries can really slow you down and take the fun out of sports. Luckily, with most of the major foot injuries in sports, we can take steps to fix the problem. Many foot injuries don’t require surgery.

So what are some of the major foot injuries we see in sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, etc. etc.?

Let's take a look.

Top Foot Injuries In Sports

1.Achilles Tendinitis Injuries

The Achilles tendon is the largest of our tendons, making it responsible for a high level of support. Since it is used so frequently, the Achilles is subject to degeneration due to wear and tear and the aging process of the body.

Of course, athletes in sports such as basketball who rely on the Achilles are more prone to these foot injuries because of potential overuse. 

I recently wrote an article on a specific injury to basketball star Demarcus Cousins, who suffered a season-ending ruptured achilles during a game last year. Take a look at the article to get an idea about some of the specifics of dealing with this injury. You may not be a pro athlete, but an Achilles injury can be difficult to recover fully from either way.

2. Plantar Fasciitis Injuries


Plantar Fasciitis is another of our foot injuries that falls into the "potential for overuse" category. With this condition, the band of tissues known as the plantar fascia get strained by too much activity. Running is a prime cause of this condition. 

Luckily, plantar fasciitis usually does not require surgery. We often prescribe a bit of rest and relaxation to take give the inflamed area a chance to heal. There are also certain exercises that can be helpful after suffering these particular foot injuries.

3. Stress Fracture Injuries


Stress fractures are foot injuires which occur when you put lots of repetitive stress upon your feet and ankles. This condition is more likely to occur if you are using substandard equipment. Read: bad shoes.

What is a stress fracture? It's a small crack in the bone. This condition is not to be confused with a fracture, which is a broken bone.

4. Sprained Ankle Injuries


We've covered this before, but let's cover it again. A sprained ankle is an injury which results in ligament damage. You see these injuries quite a bit on the basketball court, where large, athletic men (and women) jump and land frequently— sometimes awkwardly. 

There are three grades of ankle sprains, which vary in severity. An ankle sprain can heal up in a couple of weeks if it's not too severe, with proper rest.  If an ankle sprain is very severe, it may require surgery. Take a look at the helpful graphic here to help you ascertain the severity of your ankle sprain.

5. Heel Spur Injuries


Heel spurs are foot injuries we see more often in people with "flat" feet, or people with high arches. A bony bump in the heel bone, heel spurs are basically calcium deposits that form when the plantar fascia stretches off the heel. Heel spurs can be fairly painful and really slow down an athlete.

Factors that may cause or contribute to these (heel spur) foot injuries:

  • Wearing the wrong footwear

  • Being overweight

  • Running on hard surfaces too often

  • Bad form running or walking

Heel spurs are foot injuries which can be treated non-surgically, depending upon the severity. 

When It Comes to Foot & Ankle Injuries, We’ve Got You Covered

Luckily, most of the injuries I’ve covered here do not require surgery. But for most of them, you want to take a trip to a foot and ankle specialist, who can help prescribe a program of rest and physical therapy to get you “back on your feet”!

Have fun!